Costs for the researcher

All costs are calculated on a national basis. If your research project needs data from e.g. Finland and Sweden, you will sign a contract with each of these countries and you will receive two bills.

When giving you a price estimate for your research project, a number of factors are taken into account, among other things an estimate of how many hours are needed to extract and anonymise the data.


  • The compiling and editing of research data are priced at an hourly rate according to the number of hours worked. The price of research service is EUR 105 per hour.
  • A data assignment includes free of charge 10 hours of preparatory work.
  • A fee of EUR 150 is charged for an extension/expansion of a user licence.
  • Statistics Finland has compiled several so called ready made data sets for research use that are available for EUR 300 – 1000.
  • A research project-specific price is charged for the use of the remote access system FIONA.  Agreements can be made on a monthly or yearly basis. The use charge is based on the number of researchers in the project using FIONA and it ranges from EUR 200 / 1 user /month to EUR 4000 / 9 users / year.


  • The cost for data extraction varies depending on the complexity of the assignment.
  • Time spent on guiding researchers and negotiating a request is included in the total of hours.
  • Using the MONA remote access is free of charge for Swedish researchers with funding from a Swedish research funder.


  • The hourly rate for data extraction is DKK 1050 exclusive of VAT for projects at public research institutions and DKK 1650 exclusive of VAT projects at private research institutions.
  • Public research projects receive 10 hours of free guidance and advice.
  • Using the remote access system is free of charge for public researchers and costs DKK 180 exclusive of VAT per day for private researchers.
  • Data storage is free for data amount taking up less than 5 GB. If the data amount exceeds 5 GB, the price is DKK 15 per quarter on to which is added DKK 15 for each additional 5 GB.


  • Statistics Norway charges the time it takes to clarify the content and prepare and transfer the data.
  • Each application receives a calculated fixed price based on an hourly rate of NOK 950 + VAT (May 2017).
  • The price is subject to VAT according to Norwegian legislation.


  • Each data access application includes a fixed cost of 8 hours of preparatory work.
  • Other tasks conducted by the research service of Statistics Iceland are priced at an hourly rate.
  • The main tasks which are charged for are:
    • Compiling and combining data
    • Validation
    • Data editing
    • Risk assessment and statistical disclosure control
  • Please consult Statistics Iceland website for price information:



Please contact your local research services unit for more information and for a price estimate of your project.