Work packages in the project


Work Package 3 (Statistics Sweden): Assessment and needs of and decisions on a future common metadata framework


Expected deliverables from this WP are guidelines detailing the proposed metadata framework. The guidelines will focus mainly on:

  • Integration of the framework with current processes
  • How to use the framework to fulfill the needs of the research community
  • How to use the framework in the context of metadata initiatives and standards


M2. Decisions regarding the proposed metadata framework

M5. First draft report on how to integrate and use the framework

M6. Final version of guidelines

M16. Conclusions and recommendation for future work (will be part of the final report)

Work Package 4 (Statistics Sweden): Development and implementation of an IT solution for a Nordic metadata portal

Deliverables – background

It is expected that the level of IT involvement will be of minor extent in each of the countries and carried out on a decentralised scale. The probable way of doing this is by the use of existing metadata systems. The set-up work will be documented thoroughly, detailing how it is implemented in the current system and processes of the NSIs. Special attention will be given to any problems encountered and how they were solved. The deliverables related to the user oriented access to the system will be dependent on the decision regarding a local or central solution.


M7. Decisions regarding implementation of the IT system

M8. Decisions regarding the needs of development for integration of existing metadata systems with the proposed framework

M8. Decisions regarding the needs of development for the chosen system approach for user access

M9. Decision on input solution

M12. Delivery of necessary IT-components for framework integration and user access

M12. Decision on output solution

M16. Conclusions and recommendation for future work (will be part of the final report)

Work Package 5 (Statistics Finland): Filling contents into the Nordic metadata model and user testing


  • Documented results from the test performed by the pilot projects
  • A number of registers documented according to the common metadata framework. As mentioned above, this work will be different in scope for each of the Nordic countries.


M10. Report on the results of the pilot projects.

M12. Status report regarding the “filling” from each NSI

M16. Report on the registers documented according to the framework

M16. Conclusions and recommendations for future work (will be part of the final report)


Project leader: C-G Hjelm (Sweden)

WP2 leader: David Michelsen (Denmark)

WP3 leader: Hans Irebäck (Sweden)

WP4 leader: Lars-Johan Söderberg (Sweden)

WP5 leader: Marianne Johnson (Finland)