7. Set up remote access with NSI in the country of the principal investigator


Application process for the remote access system:

  • An organisation can draw up a contract with Statistics Finland about the use of the remote access system with which the researcher gains access to Statistics Finland’s server from his/her workstation via the web. In connection with the agreement, clients supply to Statistics Finland an account of their data protection and data security practices related to remote access use.
  • The organisation’s administrative and technical contact persons are specified in the agreement.
  • Statistics Finland opens remote access to the remote access system from the IP address precisely defined by the client.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the premises used by the researchers are suitable for research and remote use and that data can be processed there without data protection being endangered.

FIONA Remote Access system : fiona_brochure



Guides and rules for using the Danish Remote Access System are found at the following links:


The standard routine is that data are made available through the Swedish remote access system MONA: http://www.scb.se/en_/Services/Guidance-for-researchers-and-universities/MONA/

However, if the data contain medical data from The National Board of Health and Welfare, the data are delivered outside the remote access system using a secure solution such as SFTP.