8. Analyse data over the remote access system and ask NSIs to check outputs

Output  checking is the  process  of  checking  the  disclosure  risk  of  research  results  based  on  microdata  files  made available in the remote access systems. Output control is a vital tool for the National Statistical Institutions (NSIs). It is used to monitor that the rules laid down in the security agreement are kept by the researchers. In Nordic projects, all outputs are controlled by the data hosting NSI.


Guides and rules for using the Finnish Remote Access System Fiona are found in the handbook Rules and Instructions of Researcher Services. https://tilastokeskus.fi/static/media/uploads/tup_en/mikroaineistot/rules_researcherservices.pdf


Guidlines and rules for using the Danish remote access system can be found at: http://dst.dk/ext/8804839804/0/forskning/Guidelines-for-Transferring-Aggregated-Results-from-Statistics-Denmark-s-Research-Services–pdf.


Guides and rules for using the Swedish Remote Access System MONA are found at: http://www.scb.se/en_/Services/Guidance-for-researchers-and-universities/MONA/