3. Fill out and send in the joint Nordic application form to the Statistical Offices

For each research project, the researcher must submit an application for data access to all the participating National Statistical Institutions (NSIs). For each NSI, there will be a case-by-case evaluation of the project in question.

In order to facilitate the approval process in such a way that all national requirements will be met, a standard application form has been outlined. For each project an application must, as a minimum, contain the following information:

Nordic NSI joint application form

  • Title of the Project
  • Principal Investigator – contact person
    • Contact information of the principal investigator of the project (Title, Name, Institution, Country, Phone number and E-mail address).
  • Research Group
    • Contact information of all researchers who need access to data (Title, Name, Institution, Country, Phone number and E-mail addresses).
  • Research Environment
    • Description of the research environment of the principal investigator and any research institution that will be affiliated with the project as well as the name and contact information for a responsible manager of all research institutions involved. In most cases, the research institution appoints the Head of the Department as their responsible manager. In the description of the institution’s information on ownership (Public, Private), educational standard among the staff as well as research experiences in working with National microdata must be included.
  • Purpose of the research proposal
    • Short description of the objectives of the research project. From the description it should be clearly explained why the purpose of the project cannot be fulfilled using data from each Nordic country separately.
  • Population
    • A description of the population to be studied. If complete population is needed, it must be argued why this will improve the value of the project in contrast to only a sample of the complete population.
  • Dataset to be used
    • For each Nordic country for which data is applied, a list of subject-areas to be used has to be included (e.g. Population, Housing Social conditions, Education, Labour market, Income, etc.). See here.
  • Selection of variables
    • Based on the chosen datasets the researchers must select the specific variables needed for the project, including the study period. See here.
  • Outline and expected outcome of the study
    • A short description of the outline of the study has to be included, together with a short description of the expected outcome and dissemination of the results.
  • Approvals
    • Approvals from relevant authorities must be included, e.g. National Data protection agencies and approvals from relevant data owners, Regional Ethical Committee and National Bioethics Committee, etc. The approvals needed vary from country to country. A detailed overview can be seen in appendix B1.
  • Time period
    • Period of time in which access to data is needed before the project is completed.


The application should be signed and submitted by the principal investigator to the local NSI with cc to all other involved NSIs. Contact information on where to submit the application can be found here.

The NSIs will, if needed, assist the researcher in completing the project application, including the selection of the specific variables and provide relevant documentation for the data. This can be a time-consuming task. Consequently, each NSI may charge the researcher for this service as part of calculating the total costs for the project.



Each researcher that will need access to data should sign a pledge of secrecy and send it in with the project application. http://tilastokeskus.fi/sivusto/lomakkeet/index_en.html


Each researcher that will need access to data is requested to send in a specification of microdata (information about population, registers, variables, years) together with a research plan, an ethics application and an ethics approval.